MacKellar Golf strives to create enjoyable, challenging and sustainable solutions.

Just as each site is unique, we provide a tailored approach to each development, considerately applying masterplanning, golf course design and construction services to create a seamless transition between the existing condition and playing field. Our goal is simple, we embrace sustainable principles throughout our processes to deliver an authentic and entertaining experience for golfers and patrons alike. 

Fundamentally, exceptional golf experiences are developed through an authentic approach to the aesthetic condition that seeks to enhance the terrain and challenge a golfer's shot-making selections by offering choices throughout their round. Through strategic design, MacKellar Golf promotes these principles by strategically designing the golfing landscape to create risk v reward offerings that emphasize shot values.


As golfer demographics continue to shift, it is imperative that the courses are designed to maximize playability for all levels of golfers. Our team considers these diametric changes in the design process, creating a "flexible" strategy that incorporates current demand, whilst projecting future-use requirements for the facility. As a result, our team has delivered short-course alternatives, extended practice facilities and alternate championship offerings, each specifically design to ensure the long-term success of our clients. 

Our philosophy reflects a unique composition of global knowledge that our team has acquired.   



 Sustainability integrates natural features to create an authentic user experience. 

Many of the world’s best new and old golf courses were designed on sites that were naturally beautiful and well suited for golf course development. In the modern realm of golf course development, sites are often proposed that are far from attractive, and may possess very few (if any) natural features. These sites are often void of vegetation, wildlife, water, interesting topography, or good soils.

Although these challenging circumstances may present costly alternatives from other designers, these environments pose a wealth of opportunity to the MacKellar Golf Team. The reason why we excel under these circumstances - we have the global experts in landscape architecture, civil engineering, environmental analysts and wildlife conservation experts within our staffing ranks. Most satisfying has been our team's ability to transform these "less-than-desirable" sites into authentic golfing landscapes that retain their natural character and integrate seamlessly into the existing environmental condition.

Our masterplanning, golf course design and construction services are recognized globally as proven examples of golfing venues that exist in harmony with the natural environment by incorporating;

      1. Water quality standards and conservation,

      2. Efficiency in turfgrass management,

      3. Wildlife habitat preservation and re-creation,

      4. Recreational greenspace allocation,

      5. Biodiversity of native flora and fauna species,

      6. Designs that respond to natural and cultural conditions,

      7. Macro and Micro-Ecosystem development throughout the golfing environment. 

We believe that we have a responsibility to our customers, to their communities and the natural environment in which we have a presence, which means sustainability is a fundamental commitment principle of our business.



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