• Cameron MacKellar

Can a Golf Course Consultant Improve your Business?

Golf course management is more than designing an aesthetically pleasing course - you must also consider the business behind a great course and real estate improvement. In order to simultaneously consider the technical and the artistic aspects of creating an incredible golf course, you need an outside hand with experience in both.

Here are just a few of the ways in which a golf course consultant can improve your business.


A great golf course consultant will see the aesthetics of a course not only from the physical landscape, but also from the perspective of the people who are likely to play on that course. Should the difficulty be high for potential pros or commercialized for casual clubgoers? What are the modern trends in course hazards? How will the aesthetic of the course play in a marketing campaign? All of these things must be considered for the best use of the resources that the environment provides.


The spirit of the course must fit within its physical limitations. Course owners may see the potential of a piece of real estate through rosier eyes, spending money to speak to ambition that is perhaps outside of the range of the landscape. An owner may put undue pressure on an architect to perform Hercluean tasks without understanding the physics involved in certain requests. Having a third party in the mix with experience in translating the desires of the owner to the landscaper, architect and other members of the project team is invaluable when designing and implementing a course and hoping to get it right the first time.

Golf Course Revenue

The bottom line for most courses is its ability to drive revenue, and this takes a special eye. The ability of a consultant to see both the business and the artistic side of a course is the true value added - literally everyone else in the picture comes into the negotiation with conscious or unconscious biases about what the course must be about. The consultant is the voice of reason and compromise, and the consultant is also the voice of revenue. A great course consultant will know the statistics about what kind of course sells to the audience that is intended for it. This is essential in beginning to help prioritize and react to the ideas of every involved party.

Believe it or not, compromising ideas around a revenue stream gets more done in less time.

Overall, an effective golf course consultant brings value to all aspects of a golf course - the artistic appearance, the functionality of the course and the revenue potential for the business. Only a person with experience in balancing the many different opinions that surround such a huge project will be able to drill down into each of the necessary disciplines and come up with a plan that is acceptable to everyone, and actually expands on, not limits, the original ideas.

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